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A rearing unicorn that shoots fire, sneezes glitter, and pees champagne, this project was originally conceived as a wedding present in 2012. Lovingly nicknamed “Katy Perry” by the project leaders Kat & Jesse Green, Tim signed onto the project to design and build the flaming horn.

Over the course of the project two horns were created; a provisional model in hammered copper, and a permanent horn in silicon bronze. Both are dual-chambered pyrotechnic nozzles that produce a generous plume of reducing flame in propane, which serves as the pilot light for vivid bursts of methanol flame, doped pink and green with metallic salts.

Since her original unveiling at the wedding of Tim & Anna Schumacher, Katy Perry The Unicorn has appeared at the World Maker Faire in Queens, NY, Pyrotopia in Munhall, PA, and countless social functions in and around Brooklyn.