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The MTV IGGY sign is an exemplar of Joshua and Tim’s capabilities, insomuch as they achieved an extremely high degree of fidelity between the photocollage design prompt and the finished metallic set piece. Additionally, the project was completed within a strict delivery schedule and budget structure with minimal fuss and bother. This, of course, was accomplished due to meticulous planning.

In delightful contrast to the rigorous aspects of this project, the methods and materials required to build the IGGY sign brought an air of convivial sentimentality to the work. Joshua and Tim first met in 2004 working together at Remains Antique Lighting. Consequently, punching holes in distressed metal and wiring up dozens upon dozens of incandescent bulbs felt like cheerfully familiar old times.

This sign was conceived by Andrew Ross Rowe and Rigel Lastrella for the Music Experiment, a concert series presented by international pop music brand MTV IGGY. Attendees would be led to a secret New York location where the sign would be on display. The concerts were then filmed and streamed on the MTV website.